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Originally from Liberia, West Africa. Chef John came to America to escape the Civil War in Liberia. He began his Culinary career at the age of 17. His love for cooking began while working for his mentor, Award-winning Chef Bernard Guillas of the renowned Marine Room Restaurant in La Jolla, California.


John was educated at New England Culinary Institute in Vermont and San Diego Mesa College. shortly after graduation,  John became Chef de Cuisine of Del Mar Country Club, an exclusive members only resort, where he catered to some of the most discerning diners in the world.


John approach to food is to create modern comfort food with a twist. This focus allows him to introduce the highest quality, Local, Artisan, and seasonal ingredients to traditional methods of cooking. Chef John prefers to work with local Farmers, Ranchers and Purveyors. And to change the menu every few months to keep plates fresh and seasonal. John has trained in Italian, Asian, American and French cuisine. He find collaboration to be the greatest instrument of learning.


John invites you to enjoy a truly unique and satisfying dining experience. We offers a sensational selection of seasonal dishes consisting of fresh, locally grown, hand selected ingredients.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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